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As a member of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO), I attend seminars and discuss intel matters with professionals in and around Washington DC. These intelligence professionals afford me much of their expertise in writing each Declassified Secrets article. Currently, I consult with 27 intelligence operatives, both retired and still active, in order to write Declassified Secrets articles that are genuine, factual and timely. For example, six articles were written after I spoke with Harry Mason, who is an expert on foreign and domestic intelligence and retired from the CIA after 35 years of service. Mason earned both the prestigious CIA Intelligence Medal of Merit and the National Intelligence Medal Of Achievement awards.
I also gained insight into the workings of CIA operatives like Valerie Plame by interviewing a classmate of hers, James Marcinkowski. They trained together at "The Farm", the mysterious CIA operative-training school.
My Portfolio: Over a dozen Declassified Secrets editorials have been published in Gannett's Newspaper Network of Central Ohio, the Tallahassee Florida Democrat, Cochocton Tribune, Zanesville Gazette, Fremont News~Messenger, Port Clinton News Herald and in California's The Press-Enterprise newspaper serving Los Angeles and San Diego Counties.
The following Declassified Secrets articles have been published in the above-mentioned U.S. newspapers:
1. Echelon-A Ray Of Hope or Dispair For Americans? (12/14/04)
2. Plame Leak Puts Intelligence Agents At Risk (4/12/05)
3. How To Prepare For and Apply For Job At The CIA (8/19/05)
4. Bush's Plame Leak Loses To Clinton's Spy Recruiting (3/17/06)
5. If We Can't Spy, Pay China To Do It (8/25/06)
6. Look To China For Surveillance Needs (9/4/06)
7. Politics, Pregnant Moms, Mercury...a Risky Combo (12/1/06)
8. To Pardon Libby or Not: A Matter of Patriotism or Betrayal (6/15/07)
9. Libby's "Get Out Of Jail Free" Card A Betrayal (8/05/07)
10. Spymasters Reveal Untold Story Of Libby Commutation (8/14/07)
11. Fusion Centers Enable CIA To Spy For, Not On, 'America (12/07)
12. CIA's Medical and Psychological Analysis Center (MPAC) Knows About Castro's Health (1/08)
13. Six Cheers For Court Yanking Of Libby's License (4/22/08)
14. Few CIA Jobs Are Exciting, But All Are Critical To America's Safety (11/13/08)
For twelve years I’ve written 624 weekly columns for Gannett’s Newspaper Network Of Central Ohio. I've also published features in the following educational journals and family magazines: Long Island Parent Magazine, Los Angeles Family Magazine, South Florida Parenting, Cleveland/Akron Family, About Families Magazine, Western New York Family Magazine, Georgia Family, Toledo Area Parent, Parenting New Hampshire Magazine, Education Digest, The Ohio School Psychologist, The Ohio Farmer, and Birder‘s World Magazine.

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