Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Three CIA experts and others claim that our troops in Afghanistan are side tracking going after al Queda and actually increasing the likelihood that American civilians will be killed in a future terrorist attack. This short video, "Part 6 of Rethink Afghanistan," has three former high-ranking CIA agents tell us why.

President Obama's trilateral strategy in Afghanistan seems to be a well-thought out one. But, will it succeed? Please join the FORUM in the upper right-hand margin and voice your opinion. WILL PRESIDENT OBAMA'S TRILATERAL STRATEGY IN AFGHANISTAN WORK?

German Soldiers taking a patrol break. Talking to Afghan children (Left).

Canadian soldiers on patrol (Right).

During the campaign trail before his win, it was claimed that President Obama shunned our troops in Afghanistan. Watch the enlightening factcheck video that proves he never snubbed our guys and gals fighting there. Shame on the right-wing crackpots who circulted this lie...using our brave troops as political pawns.

A roadside bomb kills Americans in convoy

American troops drinking tea with local Afghans

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